District Goals 2020-2021

Goal 1:  Continue to support a safe, welcoming, and inclusive climate with a strong emphasis on anti-racism, anti-bias, anti-bullying, character education, civic engagement, student leadership and family engagement.  Continue to implement the District and School Safety Plans, the Dignity Act, and the New York State Culturally Responsive and Sustaining Education Framework.

Goal 2:  Expand methods to improve communication and dialogue with parents and community members, including those often marginalized.  Use multiple channels to promote proactive, interactive, meaningful and multi-lingual communication.

Goal 3:  Continue the development of an innovative written K-12 curriculum that supports the NYS Learning standards, PCSD Vision of Literacy, and includes the critical examination of racism and oppression, affirms cultural and language diversity, represents multiple and diverse perspectives, and engages students to think critically and creatively in the areas of literacy, numeracy, and STEAM so that they are prepared for college, career and global citizenship.  

Goal 4:  Ensure innovative, personalized and relevant learning experiences for students and staff through ongoing professional learning and supportive leadership, at all levels, designed to promote continual improvement. 

Goal 5:  Conduct contract negotiations with the PCT such that the agreements reflect the interests and needs of the school district, the community, and the staff.

Goal 6:  Implement the Board-approved re-entry plan, and such modifications as may be required based on science, as well as guidance from and collaboration with NYSED, NYSDOH, and DCDOH.  Continue to apply its guiding principles of safety first, diversity of program, equity, and transparent communication while navigating this challenging year.

Board of Education Goals 2020-2021

Goal 1: Based on the district visioning process and the building conditions survey, develop a compelling plan for capital improvements that enhances safety, student learning and environment, athletics and STEAM facilities and sustains the public investment in our schools. Support and promote this plan within the board and across the administration, faculty, staff, town and village governments, district residents, families and community groups.

Goal 2:  Continue to employ an efficient and transparent process to develop a fiscally responsible budget for the near and long term, given the current economic climate and pandemic needs.  Maximize efficiencies, promote innovation, and maintain or enhance the equity of programs and services at all the PCSD schools, while applying an anti-racist, anti-bias lens.

Goal 3:  Support the ongoing exploration of innovative opportunities for all students, college and career-bound, to engage in a broad range of STEAM, career, technical and trade applications, in authentic 21st Century contexts. 

Goal 4:  Develop and implement multiple strategies to recruit and retain a highly qualified, culturally proficient staff with growing diversity.  These strategies include proactive professional development, mentoring, recognition and incentives.

Goal 5: Affirm our organizational responsibility to dismantle practices that perpetuate structural racism in our school system by holding ourselves and each PCSD employee responsible for contributing to anti-racist and culturally affirming outcomes.  In order to meet these expectations, we will support, endorse, and participate in specific capacity building training and community coalition building efforts, including conducting an equity audit and designing and implementing a school and community Equity Council.