Community Conversation: #WhatMattersPCSD


Sharing ideas

Some of the thoughts which are already part of the conversation:

“Students need to learn to think and solve problems.  In many fields, people need to be able to absorb what is happening around them, think about the how and why, and then come up with a solution.”

“Children need to learn the skills to build healthy relationships.”

“That children are given the opportunity to grow into critical and creative thinkers in a safe environment where they are respected AND respectful.  Our students have an opportunity to change the world. To do so they need to learn from the bottom up and solve problems with intent and meaning.”

“Good fields for athletics.  Having good fields can boost players’ confidence and bring the students closer together.

“Inclusiveness.  Making sure our community is together.”

“Better ensuring that our students can find their passion through diverse opportunities throughout their time in the Pawling schools.  At a young age, students should take part in activities that could change their lives, through field trips, class work, or internships.”

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