Business Office Mission

The role of the Business Office is to provide financial support services to our educational program and to safeguard District assets.  We are responsible for all the financial data and reporting for the District.  We develop and monitor the budgeted expenses and revenues, administer payroll and benefits for both employees and retirees, and facilitate the bidding and purchasing of all the goods and services utilized throughout the District.

Our mission is to provide the most efficient and economical financial support service to our students, staff and community. Business Office departments include Payroll, Purchasing, Treasurer, Accounts Payable, Tax Collection, and Reception.  Additional departments that report to the Assistant Superintendent for Finance are Transportation, Buildings and Grounds, and Food Services.

We invite you to contact the following office staff for assistance as needed:


Assistant Superintendent for Finance

Marianne (Mimi) Heslin

(845) 855-4661

District Treasurer

Janet Heubel

(845) 855-4601


Dawn Cupano (845) 855-4606

Accounts Payable

Richard Chang

(845) 855-4660


Joyce Recinos

(845) 855-4657


School Tax Information

Info-Tax Online

Pawling Central School District Tax Collection


Dawn Cupano, School Tax Collector


(845) 855-4603


(845) 855-2156



Due to COVID-19 Pandemic, M&T Bank is only accepting mail in payments to the address below.

Please mail payments to:

Pawling CSD

c/o M&T Bank

PO Box 2486

Buffalo, NY 14240-2486


Overnight deliveries to:

Pawling CSD c/o M&T Bank

Lockbox 2486

626 Commerce Drive

Amherst, NY 14228


They will be returned to you.


They will be returned to you.

Full Payments are due without penalty by September 30, 2021.  Post office postmarks are acceptable, postage meter postmarks are not.  Full Payments with an additional 2% penalty included will be accepted from October 1, 2021  to November 5, 2021.  All balances not received by November 5th are turned over to the County.  The County will then bill and collect them with a penalty.

Installment Payments:

First Installment Payments are due by September 15, 2021.

Second Installment Payments will be billed and collected by the County beginning in March 2022.       


  1. How Do I get a copy of my tax bill?

Aside from contacting us via phone, fax or email you may also visit Info-Tax Online to print a copy of your tax bill or receipt.

  1. How do I get a copy of a paid receipt?

Receipts are only sent when specifically requested.  If you need a copy of your receipt, you may contact us via phone, fax or email or you may visit Info-Tax Online.

  1. What if my mortgage company pays my taxes?

You can still use Info-Tax Online to verify payment, however if your payment is not shown, you will need to direct your questions to your mortgage company.

  1. How do I change the address where my bill is sent?

Please contact your local Assessors Office:

               Beekman:  (845) 724-3361                Dover: (845) 832-3188

East Fishkill:  (845) 226-6353         Patterson: (845) 878-6500             Pawling: (845) 855-3244

  1. How do I enroll in the STAR program?

To enroll in STAR, you will need to contact your local Assessors Office:

               Beekman:   (845) 724-3361                Dover: (845) 832-3188

East Fishkill:  (845) 226-6353      Patterson: (845) 878-6500       Pawling: (845) 855-3244

  1. When is the last day I can pay?
    1. First Installment Payments must be postmarked no later than September 15th.*
    2. Full Payments without Penalty must be postmarked no later than September 30th.*
    3. Full Payments with a 2% Penalty must be postmarked no later than November 5th.*

               *    Only Post Office post marks will be accepted, not postage meters.

  1. What do I do if I disagree with my assessment? Please visit the NYS Department of Tax and Finance at:

  1. How do I find out about and settle any back taxes I may owe?

You will need to contact the Commissioner of Finance as follows:

Dutchess County (845) 486-2025


Putnam County  845-808-1075