Stone Soup Community Fest - 2/8/2019

 An evening of fun workshops for kids, parents, and community.

The schedule for the most recent Stone Soup Event.

Friday, February 8th, 6:00-8:30 pm

Pawling Central Middle School

6:00 pm check-in

6:15 to 7:00 1st workshop        

7:15 to 8:00 2nd workshop

8:00 - 8:30 - Enjoy authentic Stone Soup

Featuring Camille Ludington reading the original The Legend of Stone Soup, by Marcia Brown

To share in the tradition of the legend of Stone Soup, please bring a vegetable to add to the pot. (Suggestions: carrots,  cannellini beans, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, uncooked elbow pasta, potatoes, celery, etc.)

For 2019: A dessert table has been requested! So if you can, please bring a dessert to share after the soup!

Register for TWO 45 minute workshops. Children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult in the workshop room. (a great opportunity for family members to do things together) Register early as space and supplies for some workshops are limited.

Here are several ways to register.

  1. Call the Middle School office at: (845) 855-4653
  2. Send a fax to: (845) 855-4134
  3. Send an email to:
  4. Visit and click on the “Community” tab and then the Stone Soup page to register online.
  5. Use the coupon below and send it in to school with your child.
  6. Send your coupon via mail to: Pawling Central Middle School, 80 Wagner Dr.  Pawling, NY 12564 Attn: Stone Soup

Register ASAP as space may be limited and materials may need to be gathered. Some workshops require a small fee for materials. Please pay this fee to the host when you enter the workshop room. Small bills are appreciated!

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Stone Soup Pot

Stone Soup 2019

Stone Soup Workshop Descriptions 2019

Ballroom Dancing- New for 2019!    For Teens and Adults No fee

Host: Annalee Pagliaro - will teach some basic steps in dances like the rumba, foxtrot, and salsa. Do you have a special event coming up this year where you’ll need to do some couples dancing? Get started on the path to dancing like a star!

Calligraphy - Session 1 Only  For ages 12 and up. No fee.

Host: Caroline Quentin - This workshop will introduce you to the wonderful art of lettering and calligraphy. We will go through some essential fonts and proper usage of a calligraphy pen as well as invitation and letter formatting. We look forward to having you here!

Clay Making Workshop - Suitable for all ages. Fee $2.00. Limited Seating! Sign Up Early!  THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL, WE CANNOT ACCEPT ADDITIONAL  REGISTRATIONS AT THIS TIME.

Host: Cherie Ingraham - Clay is a way back to nature. In this clay making workshop sponsored by The Chuckie Goodnight Foundation for The Environment, you'll be creating a Red Fox that will be surprisingly realistic. No experience necessary. Limited seating.  

 Crocheting Clinic – 4th year Suitable for all ages.   No Fee unless you need a crocheting hook.

Host – Courtney Sheeran- Get help, brush up your skills, learn some new stitches (double-single stitch), learn to make intricate projects as well as some super simple techniques. Bring your own crochet hooks and yarn. Some will be on hand if needed.  

Crossfit Kids Back for 2019! Children ages 3-17   Kids should bring: athletic attire, sneakers and water.

Host Keith Yungel is designed for children, and introduces them to the fundamental techniques and concepts of CrossFit in a way that is fun, exciting, educational and always leaves them wanting more. The session will look like fun and games where your child won't even realize it is exercise. *weights will not be incorporated. 

Cupcake Decoration - Limited Seating - Sign up early   Suitable for all ages.  THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL, WE CANNOT ACCEPT ADDITIONAL  REGISTRATIONS AT THIS TIME.

Host: Alicia Nace - You can learn how to make beautiful and fun cupcakes. Mrs. Nace will be demonstrating how to make a Gravity Defying M& M Cupcake & a Micky Mouse M&M cupcake. . If you have an icing bag or tips you are welcome to bring them, but they are not necessary. Each participant will be able to design each of the two cupcakes. Limited seating.  

Create Interactive Games Using Scratch Intended for ages 10 and up. No fee.

Host: Steve Malone – In this workshop, participants will learn to  create interactive games, animations, and stories using Scratch. Scratch is a web-based program that exposes users to the world of programming in an intuitive way. In addition to creating games, participants will also be making their own game controllers using Play Dough!

Decoupage Collage New for 2019!  Suitable for all ages.

Host: Jackie Muller – Learn to Decoupage, embellish and highlight your dream reality! Enjoy some fun creating your own collage of things you’ve only imagined possible. Bring photos of self, friends, family and pets too. Share old magazines. This collage will display what you are inviting into your life.

Dance! Dance! Dance! *Parents do not need to accompany their children to this workshop. Ages 5 - 12. No fee.

Host: Pawling High School Varsity Dance Team – Get your dance on! Students from the Pawling High School's Varsity Dance Team will work with children teaching dance moves and technique, including a short dance routine. Learn the latest Hip Hop moves as well as jazz and some classics too!  

Essential Oils New for 2019!  Fee: $5.00 to make 2 5ml roller bottle recipes.  Age range: 7 – 100

Host: Paige Koeberle – Essential Oils are all the rage right now, and if you haven’t tried them, you don’t know what you’re missing! Come learn how essential oils are produced and how they can improve your physical and mental health as well as your environment. 

Family Sing Along with Miss Chasanoff  Great for School Aged children in grades K - 3No fee.

Host: Brianne Chasanoff – Children, with their parents, grandparents, guardians, will sing along with familiar music with Pawling Elementary School Music teacher and recording artist Brianne Chasanoff . There will also be an opportunity to try some percussion with jingle sticks, jingle bells and rhythm sticks. 

Irish Dancing!  New for 2018! Appropriate for all ages, no fee.     

Hosts: Christina & Kaitlyn Deierlein. Here’s an opportunity to learn about and try Irish dancing. In addition to learning some basic Irish dance steps, you’ll also learn about why the women wear wigs and fancy dance costumes. It’s a wonderful cultural opportunity for all ages and not limited only to females. At the conclusion of the workshop Kaitlyn will give a demonstration.   

Knitting Clinic  Suitable for all ages, no fee, unless you need needles                      

Hosts: Caroline Bennett - Get help with your own project, learn new techniques, or simply learn the basics of knitting. Bring your own needles if you have them, yarn is available. *Knitting needles will be available for purchase.

Lego Mania   12th Year! Always packed!   Suitable for all ages. No fee. THIS WORKSHOP IS NOW FULL, WE CANNOT ACCEPT ADDITIONAL  REGISTRATIONS AT THIS TIME.

Host: David Roberts - Got Legos?  Bring your spare bricks. We’ll make new things, create new worlds, explore new territories, and build new empires. If anyone not attending the workshop would like to donate some of their old Legos, this group will put them to good use!  

Party Hair! New for 2019  Suitable for ages 6 and up. Please bring your own comb and brush.

Host: Tina Buchanan and The Ladies of Aneu Salon - Learn to create great “Do’s” that are easy to do! Learn the techniques to create braids, curls & updo’s for beautiful party hair. You can bring hair accessories and we’ll show you how to use them.  Do you have a special event coming up and are thinking about trying a special "do" for the occasion? If you are, this workshop may be perfect for you! 

 The Legend of Stone Soup Brought To Life with Children        

*Parents do not need to accompany their children to this workshop.

Host: Camille Ludington - Several local student actors and actresses will be portraying the characters in the book as Mrs. Ludington reads the story to all the Community Fest participants as they enjoy their soup. But we'll need some additional children to portray the townspeople in the story. This workshop will prepare the children for their performance on the Pawling Middle School stage at 8pm. Suitable for ages 5 – 9. (Session 2 only) No fee.

Valentine’s Day Crafts All Ages, Supply Fee $2.00.

Hosts: PHS Seniors & Art Club Members: J.J. Kern, Irene Bravo and Elizabeth Galindo. Just in time for Valentine's Day, we'll be making valentines cards and hearts.   Each participant can make up to two valentines.

Yoga  New for 2019!  Suitable for all ages

Host: Julia Harrer will lead you in a short, 10-15 minute, traditional practice, incorporating surya namaskar (sun salutation) with a game or two to make it interesting and applicable off of the “mat”. Come connect with mind, body and spirit, along with community in a fun and lively atmosphere. Bring a mat if you have one. Will be able to provide one if you don’t.


Online Registration - Stone Soup Community Fest

Registration will be available again next year.