Welcome to the Office of Instruction

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The office of Curriculum and Instruction collaborates with school district administrators, teachers and all instructional staff to assure every student has  a course of study that that will support him or her in attaining the outcomes identified by the community through our Board of Education.  These outcomes are broad and expect that students will not only attain competency in core subjects and be critical thinkers, but that they will construct knowledge, think creatively and be able to successfully meet the challenges and opportunities of an economically competitive, technologically advanced, culturally diverse, and knowledge-based twenty-first century.

Collaborative teams of teachers, typically facilitated by curriculum leaders,  design units aligned with the New York State Learning Standards, or other appropriate standards,  District Outcomes, and the International Standards for Technology Education.  Their collective work supports our District  Goal of the development of a local, innovative curriculum.  While curriculum development is an ongoing process, we have launched a  public portal that shares unit overviews for many courses.  The unit overviews provide information about the line of inquiry being explored through the instruction, the major assessment, and the relationship between the unit of instruction and the District Outcomes.  

Curriculum Leaders provide updates on our progress to the Board of Education.  Find presentations related to our  World Language Curriculum , Pawling Elementary School Curriculum, and our English Language Arts Curriculum at Pawling Middle School.

Our curriculum benefits from the participation of many individuals and organizations who serve as partners with our teachers and leaders. Pawling’s is a broad vision of a well-educated child, and part of the work of strengthening the curriculum process will benefit from broad participation on the part of school and community.  Please join us in these efforts.