Phone: 845-855-4640

Pamela Serafini, Supervisor of Transportation


The Transportation Department is responsible for transporting over 1400 students to and from school, field trips, and athletic competitions.  Safety is the top priority for the Transportation Department.  Employee training, student safety drills, and safety awareness programs are utilized to promote school bus safety. Our goal is to provide the safest most efficient transportation for all of our Pawling students.

Our caring, responsible employees not only meet but also exceed the New York state requirements for School Bus drivers and monitors.  They eagerly accept the opportunity to learn about new safety regulations or any information that will help them do their jobs more safely.  Their skills are tested and perfected every day that they travel the roads of our district always with the following thought in mind.


 Our vehicles are kept in perfect mechanical condition by our staff of qualified diesel mechanics.  They have recently been awarded a congratulatory letter by the Department of Transportation in recognition of their commendable performance and strong dedication to safety and a commitment to sound maintenance standards and practices.

We welcome ideas and information from our employees, parents and the community.

This website will be updated to inform you of any changes in the transportation area.

 The New York Association for Pupil Transportation School Bus Safety Poster Contest will be starting soon and I hope to get our budding Pawling student artists involved.  The creators of the winning posters receive awards.  There are categories for the different age groups as well as special education.  I look forward to working with the art teachers and the students on this project.

NYAPT also sponsors a School Bus Safety Speech Contest. 

I will post information on these events as soon as I receive it.

 October 19-23 is National School Bus Safety Week.  The Pawling Elementary School will be having a contest to determine which bus has the best behavior for that week. 


Please fill out the form and mail or fax it (see form for address & fax number). 

It must be received by April 1,  for the next school year.  The form should only be used for private school transportation requests or any before/after school care.       If your child will be going to and from school from home, you do not need to file this form.


In the event that we have a severe driver shortage, and so as to not close school or go remote, the following is our contingency plan.

The following HS/MS AM routes would run an hour and a half late and parents will be notified through “School Messenger” (this will not affect the PM routes)

Transportation Emergency Day 1

Rte. 1-MS/HS                         AM      ROUTE 292, JANSEN, GREAT BEAR, SOUTH RD

Rte. 7-MS/HS                         AM      GAME FARM, OLD QUAKER, N. QUAKER

Transportation Emergency Day 2

Rte. 11-MS/HS                       AM      ROUTE 292, N./S. WHITE ROCK, SOUTH RD

Rte. 6-MS/HS                         AM      E. MAIN ST., CIRCLE DR, FAIRWAY, W. DOVER RD. REBECCA, BLACKBERRY

Transportation Emergency Day 3

Rte. 13-Out of District            AM      HIGHLANDS, MEETING HOUSE

Route 21-Out of District (Ken Hill, Route 292)            AM     JANSEN

Transportation Emergency Day 4

Rte. 26-MS/HS                       AM      HOPEWELL, STORMVILLE, WINGDALE

Rte. 28-Out of District            AM      MILLER RD

Transportation Emergency Day 5

Rte. 4-MS/HS                         AM      AKINDALE, SANS SOUCI, S. QUAKER, N.BIRCH

Rte. 16-MS/HS                       AM      ROUTE 292, GRAPE HOLLOW, DUTCHER AVE.